Welcome to the Wild Women Cycling Club!

wwccWe are an ever-growing group of Powell River women with one thing in common: We all like to mountain bike.


Our “early days” are not that long ago. We loosely formed in 2008, but with the key elements of amazing and endless cross-country (XC) trails, nagging emails, and spirited women, our numbers and cohesion have grown over the last three years.


From the beginning, our (wo)mandate has been clear: Get women out on their bicycles, get them into the woodsy goodness around Powell River, and get them having fun.


That all sounds a little bossy, so let’s rephrase all that into some Neatly Established Goals:

  • encourage the participation of women of all ages and abilities in the sport of mountain biking
  • provide ongoing riding support through organized rides and events
  • educate cyclists in the safe and responsible use of bicycles
  • promote awareness and responsible use of trails through public lands around Powell River
  • participate in trail maintenance and improvement

We ride year-round, over a multitude of XC trails around Powell River, in big groups and small.

Come ride with us!


Check our Rides page for scheduled rides.


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