WWCC – Just Starting Out?

wwccFirst of all … good work.

It may be tempting to feel “intimidated” by a cycling group. Perhaps images of full-body biking armour, aggressive/hairy/sweaty bodies blurring by, or treacherous slopes only inhabited by mountain goats come to mind. Our response? We are not that. Take those images and wad them up like a piece of junk mail. Like really vigorous wadding. And then re-purpose the wad. Projectile across the room? Excellent choice.

We are a diverse, supportive, and fun group of women.


1. How much biking experience do I need?
In a word … some.
You should be rather comfortable with riding your bike on the road and all the navigational skills required therein. You need to be ready to ride over rough ground.

2. How fit do I need to be?
In a word … somewhat.
The trail terrain is “consistently irregular” and so mountain biking requires some base fitness. There are ups and downs. And then some. Mountain biking is a full-body workout. The intensity of the rides vary, but generally if you’re comfortable jogging at a slow-moderate pace for about ½ an hour, then that would be comparable to what we’d face on a beginner ride. Being able to comfortably ride around Inland Lake is also a good “starting out” benchmark.

3. Is it safe?
In a word … usually.
Mountain biking terrain is inherently unpredictable and challenging. We do our best to choose beginner-level routes for the beginner-level rides, but natural obstacles constantly change. Please ride safely and only on terrain that you feel is within your ability. Getting off one’s bike to walk around/over/through obstacles is a common occurrence.

4. What equipment do I need?
Your list:

  • completely functional, tuned-up, brakes-and-gear-shifters-are-definitely-working bike, with mountain bike (fat and knobbed) tires
  • front suspension (front “shocks”) makes riding that much more comfortable, easy, and safe
  • properly-fitted helmet
  • water for drinking
  • enthusiasm

5. How often do the WW ride?
As often as possible!
Generally, May through September, we organize regular weeknight rides.  Check the schedules page for the current meet places and times. As well, many riders cast out to the email list for impromptu rides at times and locales that work for them.

6. Is there a membership fee?
Yes. The WWCC is affiliated with Powell River Cycling Association and a membership with PRCA is required for all scheduled WWCC (and PRCA) rides. Please see http://www.bikepowellriver.ca/membership.php for details and membership forms.

WW Signs!

WWsign1For those into the “DIY” domain, the Wild Women have completed trail marking three deliciously introductory rides! If you would like to venture out on your own, check out the trail descriptions for:

1. Willingdon Beach Trail – Old Golf Course Loop

2. Happy Face Lollipop Loop

3. Pentiction Trails Ride #1

Go to the Beginner Routes Trail Descriptions.

The trails are marked with “WW” signs (see above; embellishment beyond the “WW” may vary) from start to finish.

Why We Ride

(A Compilation of Various Women’s Exuberances During WWCC Rides):

  • It’s so fun!
  • It’s a chance to get out, get in the woods, get moving. Our bodies are designed to move!
  • It’s a full-body workout. It’s an emotional workout! Meeting challenges, riding over things you think you can’t ride over, pushing yourself – it’s an amazing opportunity.
  • It’s a chance to meet new people and get connected to a vibrant community of active PR women.
  • It’s an opportunity to explore the limitless, incredible natural bounty that surrounds us in PR.