WW Mountain Bike Rides

Wild Women Mountain Bike Rides

We ride year-round, over a multitude of XC trails around Powell River, in big groups and small.

Intermediate rides on Wednesday evenings @ 7pm will start at the beginning of May. August rides start at 6:30pm due to the fading light.

Intermediate Saturday/Sunday rides are organized by e-mail shout-outs. To get on the list for these rides, please e-mail wwcc@bikepowellriver.ca


Wild Women May & June 2018 Riding Schedule


Date Time Start Suggested Route
 Wednesday May 9  7:00pm Penticton Get lost in the maze!
 Wednesday May 16  7:00pm  Edgehill School  Edgehill Rip to ’51 Dodge, Cream Soda, Bob’s Your Uncle, and back up Myrtle.
 Wednesday May 23  7:00pm  Farmer’s Market Twisted Sisters, Airport Bluffs, Enchanted, Blue, 13 Slurpees, Knee-Knockers, Siesta
 Wednesday May 30  7:00pm  Top of Haslam Rd at Duck Lake Rd Along the old road to Bob’s Your Uncle, Blue Trail, then to Game trail, Weir, and back on Bob’s…
 Wednesday June 6  7:00pm Squirrel Crossing   Find a Route in the maze….and be sure to ride that Wizard one….
 Wednesday June 13  7:00pm  Rec Complex Bike Park  Try the pump track, then go up into the trials, down to Willingdon, along the path, up the trail at the machinery, cross the highway and into the trails….yah?
 Wednesday June 20 7:00pm Edgehill School Could do Myrtle and the usual- but what else?

June 27

 7:00pm Farmer’s Market Twisted Sisters, Airport Bluffs, Enchanted, Fred’s, Blue, WD40, West Lake, Knee Knocker, Siesta

General Remarks

  1. Please email us at wwcc@bikepowellriver.ca for more information.
  2. Wednesday rides are intermediate and intermediate advanced. If you’re just starting out, then test your mettle with the Monday night rides. If you’re a rider and you’re not sure, you’re probably intermediate. Give it a shot!
  3. Terrain may be challenging – both technically and ‘fitnessly’ speaking. Deal with your own mechanical issues; please bring toolkit, spare tubes, pumps, etc
  4. Dealing with NOT keeping the rubber side down; please bring your own First Aid kit and cell phone
  5.  E-mail wwcc@bikepowellriver.ca to get a ride started!

Why We Ride
(A Compilation of Various Women’s Exuberances During WWCC Rides):

  • It’s so fun!
  • It’s a chance to get out, get in the woods, get moving. Our bodies are designed to move!
  • It’s a full-body workout. It’s an emotional workout! Meeting challenges, riding over things you think you can’t ride over, pushing yourself – it’s an amazing opportunity.
  • It’s a chance to meet new people and get connected to a vibrant community of active PR women.
  • It’s an opportunity to explore the limitless, incredible natural bounty that surrounds us in PR.

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