WW Mountain Bike Rides

Wild Women Mountain Bike Rides

We ride year-round, over a multitude of XC trails around Powell River, in big groups and small.

Intermediate rides on Wednesday evenings @ 7pm will start at the beginning of May. August rides start at 6:30pm due to the fading light.

Intermediate Saturday/Sunday rides are organized by e-mail shout-outs. To get on the list for these rides, please e-mail wwcc@bikepowellriver.ca


Wild Women July & August 2017 Riding Schedule


Date Time Start Suggested Route
 Wednesday June 28  7:00pm Suicide Creek Suicide Creek loop. This is a fun one. E-mail the group to confirm attendance- it’s a bit of a trek to drive out there.
 Wednesday July 5  7:00pm  Edgehill School  Edgehill Rip to ’51 Dodge, Cream Soda, Bob’s Your Uncle, and back up Myrtle.
 Wednesday July 12  7:00pm  Valentine Mountain Up, over, around, again….
 Wednesday July 19  7:00pm  Farmer’s Market  Twisted Sisters, Airport Bluffs, Enchanted, Blue, 13 Slurpees, Knee-Knockers, Siesta
 Wednesday July 26  7:00pm  Penticton   Find a Route in the maze….and be sure to ride that Wizard one….
 Wednesday August 2  6:30pm  Rec Complex Bike Park  This time head up- towards the power line, you can get to Cranberry on trails…explore!
 Wednesday August 9 6:30pm Edgehill School Could do Myrtle and the usual- but what else?

August 16

 6:30pm Farmer’s Market Twisted Sisters, Airport Bluffs, Enchanted, Fred’s, Blue, WD40, West Lake, Knee Knocker, Siesta

General Remarks

  1. Please email us at wwcc@bikepowellriver.ca for more information.
  2. Wednesday rides are intermediate and intermediate advanced. If you’re just starting out, then test your mettle with the Monday night rides. If you’re a rider and you’re not sure, you’re probably intermediate. Give it a shot!
  3. Terrain may be challenging – both technically and ‘fitnessly’ speaking. Deal with your own mechanical issues; please bring toolkit, spare tubes, pumps, etc
  4. Dealing with NOT keeping the rubber side down; please bring your own First Aid kit and cell phone
  5.  E-mail wwcc@bikepowellriver.ca to get a ride started!

Why We Ride
(A Compilation of Various Women’s Exuberances During WWCC Rides):

  • It’s so fun!
  • It’s a chance to get out, get in the woods, get moving. Our bodies are designed to move!
  • It’s a full-body workout. It’s an emotional workout! Meeting challenges, riding over things you think you can’t ride over, pushing yourself – it’s an amazing opportunity.
  • It’s a chance to meet new people and get connected to a vibrant community of active PR women.
  • It’s an opportunity to explore the limitless, incredible natural bounty that surrounds us in PR.

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