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City’s new Cycling Network Plan

Dear Members,

I’m pretty excited about 2015 for cycling in Powell River. In addition to all the fantastic mountain bike events, bike park opening, and school teaching that is happening, we’ll also be getting our first true bike lanes as part of the City’s new Cycling Network Plan.

Phase 1 of the plan will involve lanes on parts of Duncan and Manson Avenues. This is happening, in part, due to the assistance of PRCA members who went out and did traffic counts last fall for a Ministry of Transportation bike grant application. In the end, the City was awarded $77,000, which will used for this fall when the lanes are built.

Phase 2 planning is already underway for 2016. The next round of grants have come fast and furious and we are working to support the City with an application for next week! It will involve upper Joyce Avenue, between Harvie and Manson, and will include some shoulder improvements and bike lanes on both sides of the road.

Phase 2 will also include an addition (2C) to the Cycling Nework Plan that was just approved by Council this week, on the recommendation of both staff and PRCA. Phase 2C will be a separated bike path (off the road!)  that connects Joyce Avenue to the Complex, Bike Park and Millenium trails. It will be paved, bidirectional, and make a loop around the entire are (check the schematic). We are hoping it will also be used by walkers, skateboarders, scooters, strollers, wheelchairs, and many others.

VP, Active Transportation Lead, PRCA

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