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    chris morwood

    The paint removal has been completed on Duncan Ave… this is the precursor to the new line painting that will (hopefully) happen when the paint crews come in September. Duncan (between Padgett and Manson) will move from 3 vehicle lanes to 2, making room for new bike lanes in both directions.

    Manson Ave. (from Duncan to Joyce) will have bike lanes added in both directions, replacing street parking in places, and simply using the existing road width in others. There will still be lots of street parking available on the gravel shoulder near.

    Congratulations to the City Council and Staff for working towards a healthy and sustainable community, and for improving the safety and comfort of all road users, including those who are most vulnerable.

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    Paul Miniato

    As a new resident of PR, and a cyclist, it’s a good beginning. Looking forward to seeing what else we can do. This could be a cycling mecca!

    Thanks, Paul

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