February 28, 2015 Comments (0) Ride of the Month

McFall Creek Trail: Nice flowy downhill along the steep ridge, to Willingdon Beach.

MillenniumPark15000This area is not intended for serious MTB outings but does lend itself to family rides for people who want to stay right in town or have younger kids. For them the Willingdon Beach Trail is perfect. Kids of any age can ride it and it follows the shoreline under a canopy of old growth fir and cedar trees. The forestry museum volunteers have lined the entire trail with heritage logging equipment as well as informative signs pointing out what visitors are looking at both in terms of flora and logging equipment. Then for that family member who wants to break free even for 30 minutes and has at least an intermediate skill level, he or she can do a quick loop by following one of the climbing trails on the east/right side of McFall Creek as far as the hydro transmission line, crossing the creek and then riding back down McFall Creek Trail. These trails are all built along the very edge of a steep ravine above the creek through a towering forest of mature cedar and fir trees, bringing the rider right back down to the highway and the Willingdon Beach campground …with a grin on his/her face.

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