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Provincial High School Bike Race: XC Route

In celebration of the Brooks HighSchool hosting this year’s Provincial High School Bike Race this month, we are highlighting the XC route as designed by our very own PRCA president!

To get the parking spot, drive from the back side of Cranberry Lake and drive up Haslam Rd and take the right immediately after the large cement square building that is the water pump for the city water.

Park at the cross roads of Duck Lake old/new where there is a sign that says ATV parking or further down to the old quarry/sand pit across from end of Bob’s Yer Uncle. (about a 5 minute drive up Duck Lake Rd)

Ride your bike south along Duck Lake until you reach the trail head on the south end of Bob’s Yer Uncle which is across and opposite the north end trail head of Blue Trail.

Ride North on Bob’s Yer Uncle to the very end. Turn right on the road for about 1-2 minutes and then take a left by the cement blocks wall and ride Cream Soda, including the newly built cedar bridge (built this Spring by PRCA).

Coming out across the road you have about 10 pedal strokes and then go on Dodge 51, up a short climb of an old rocky spur rd for about 5 minutes…and then you get to head down Myrtle Springs (when you enter into the Myrtle Spring Trail there is a junction – be sure to turn LEFT to be able to do a complete circle). Head back to the end where you meet the top of Bob’s Yer Uncle/ Myrtle Springs / Blue Trail.

Do 1, 2 or 3 (or more) laps of this if you dare! its fun fun fun!

This is the route for this year’s Provincial High School XC Race being hosted by Brooks Secondary School!

This can also be a ride for families to enjoy, 6 or 7 year olds who are familiar with riding in the trails should be able complete at least one loop in an hour easily while still having loads of fun and feeling great about their accomplishments!

Any questions how to get there, email us: or tweet us @bikepowellriver

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