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Sprockids Leader Training Powell River

Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting!  And aiming toilet plungers at targets.  And doing the limbo . . .all while riding their mountain bikes!  Does this sound like a bizarre way to spend an overcast Saturday?  These activities are actually all in a day’s work for Doug Detwiller, the creator of the Sprockids Program.

Originally developed as an anger management program for at-risk youth in the 1990s, Doug’s Sprockids has evolved into an internationally renowned cycling program that gives leaders of biking groups a toolkit and skill set to help develop “young people’s self-esteem, empathy for others, anger management, and provides kids with a strong feeling of belonging to a positive group while introducing them to a healthy activity they can be involved with for the rest of their lives.”

This year, the Powell River Cycling Association has committed to supporting youth initiatives, and, in collaboration with community partners, was able to bring Doug to Powell River in early April. There are a number of mountain biking clubs springing up at both the elementary and high-school levels in Powell River, and PRCA sponsored seven adult representatives from all over the school district to become certified Sprockids leaders.  With a strong emphasis on fun, the group used games and challenges to learn how to teach mountain biking skills to children and youth of all ages and abilities.  Sprockids gave these cycling leaders a new set of tools to encourage young riders to be active, have fun, be safe risk-takers, and to be a part of something that they will remember forever. . .and, of course, to karate kick from the saddle!

Kim Leahy

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